About Foilworx

We have been working with Foilworx over the last two years to develop carbon slalom windsurfing fins. Jenna Gibson has been using them and in 2018 took 1st place in the IFCA World Companionships. Through winter testing in Tenerife, the fins have shown to give excellent lift, control and speed with 44.65 knots being achieved on 32cm fin. With every layer of carbon laid by hand, consistency and quality are guaranteed. The slalom fins are available from 26cm-50cm with a progressive but customisable flex throughout the range.


Jenna Gibson uses Foilworx Fins

My foilworx fins have really performed this year! They have led me through back-to-back wins and my first senior world title at the 2018 IFCA Word Championships as well as being used in my first PWA race win in Korea, and all other PWA events, leading to my PWA Youth Word Champion title. These fins have amazing acceleration which helps to get up to full speed straight out of the gybes and is great for gusty conditions. The fins really stand out in choppy and wavy conditions, where they hold their speed and accelrate every wave.

My most used set-ups are:
Flat water:
  • 129 litre-40cm
  • 121 litre-36cm
  • 98 litre-30cm
  • 129 litre-44cm
  • 121 litre-40cm
  • 98 litre-32cm

The powerful Foilworx fins help me to have a good acceleration in speed. Absolutely no spin outs and a lot of grip to give enough pressure on the board and fin. I am using sizes 30, 32, 34, 36 and 37. All delivering a controlled ride in high and light wind

Esther De Geus